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It has been described as the inability to control the sexual urges, behaviour or thoughts, often with negative consequences for the individual concerned.

Examples given in the study include spending large amounts of money on escort services and losing a job due to viewing pornography at work.

The study was carried out by researchers from the University of Cambridge and was funded by the Wellcome Trust, National Institutes for Health (US) and the National Centre for Responsible Gaming.

The study was published in the peer-reviewed medical journal PLOS One.

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“Is compulsive sexual behaviour comparable to drug addiction? This and other related headlines came from a UK study that looked at brain scans of 19 men with compulsive sexual behaviour (CSB) while they watched either sexually explicit, erotic or non-sexual videos.

CSB is a not a well-established diagnosis as it does not have a formal, universally accepted, definition.

Media messages play a big role in shaping gender norms, ideas about sex, and body satisfaction, from the time kids are in preschool to their adolescence.

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