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in the Hall of State at the Royal Palace where he gave a speech.

Both the cabinet meeting and ceremony at the Hall were broadcast live on television.

His father's death had left the nine-month-old prince second in line for the throne, behind his grandfather, then Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf.

When his great-grandfather Gustaf V died in 1950, the four-year-old prince became the heir apparent of Sweden.

Carl Gustaf is the second-longest-reigning monarch in Swedish history after King Magnus IV, having overtaken his great-grandfather, Gustaf V, in 2016. He was the youngest of five children and the only son of Sweden's Prince Gustaf Adolf and Princess Sibylla.

He was christened at the Royal Chapel on 7 June 1946 by the Archbishop of Uppsala, Erling Eidem.

To prepare for his role as the head of state, Crown Prince Carl Gustaf followed a broad program of studies on the court system, social organisations and institutions, trade unions, and employers' associations.

In addition, he closely studied the affairs of the Riksdag, Government, and Ministry for Foreign Affairs.We shall also, according to the aforementioned Form of Government and laws, seek by our utmost capability, as a righteous King and gracious father to the Swedish people, and by a legal, fair and mild rule, and so that We might defend that rule with a clear conscience before God on High, further the veritable progress and good of the realm and every resident, all of which being what We of free will and mature deliberation have decided, We thus confirm by the signing of Our name in Our own hand and with this vibrant oath, that we such shall obey and execute.So truly help me God by my life and soul." When Carl Gustaf ascended the throne, plans were already in place to replace the 1809 Instrument of Government, which made the King de jure chief executive.Though the King was a near-autocrat on paper, the Riksdag's authority grew steadily into the early 20th century.In 1914, Gustaf V made a speech which resulted in what is known as the Courtyard Crisis (Swedish: ) wherein he was accused of interfering with politics.Carl Gustaf was seven years old before he was told about his father's death, and he expressed his feelings about growing up without knowing his father in a speech in 2005.

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