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I guess that after all the hype that would have christened Hayden the next big star, there was no way that his people could backtrack and write off the Anakin disaster as intentionally campy.

His acting was just plain bad, and he was further hindered by an implausible story and awful lines.

"There's a little 6-year-old boy here named Sebastian, he asked me to marry him," she explained.

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Before he played Anakin, Hayden's career consisted of guest spots on some of the best kids' TV of the '90s — days were an amusing diversion.

Hayden had it tougher, understandably, as he got saddled with so much responsibility in portraying one of cinema's most iconic characters—not to mention, in a backstory already crippled by fans' high expectations.

I got engaged today," the told the crowd during her set. It may be my favorite proposal ever," she added, before launching into her song, "Gunpowder & Lead." She the photo she shared of the proposal on Instagram above.

While she was previously married to Blake Shelton and is currently dating fellow singer Anderson East, he's not the one who popped the question.

However, he could have helped his case by making Anakin less cheesy!

As You Tuber rawbeezeitz points out in this amazing highlights reel, Hayden seemed to have two emotional states in the movies: Horny creep or whiny bitch.

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[on her trip to Rwanda and initiative to help fight against AIDS in Africa] It was important for me to come here and see the issues we're up against firsthand.

Unfortunately, Hayden's professional life mirrored Anakin's downfall: The movie that should have nabbed him adventurous, sensitive leading-man parts instead wrecked his credibility.

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