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It is set to take on more staff, while the older paper-based manuals business sheds people.

To put Haynes Pro profit in perspective: the Group’s market capitalisation is £19m, at a share price of £1.25.

Turnover in this business, Haynes Pro, has doubled in eight years to about £8m, after rising by a very impressive 29% last year.

Furthermore, in the Report and Accounts just published the directors say that the 2016/17 year has started very well for the professional side of its business, with “strong first quarter trading”, so further profit gains can be expected.

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It is the market leader in many European countries, with a duopoly in the UK and close to monopoly in other countries (e.g.

90% of the German market), with 40,000 customers, consisting of both independent auto repair shops and manufacturers of diagnostic equipment.The last closing price for Haynes Publishing was 232p.Haynes Publishing Group has a 4 week average price of 214p and a 12 week average price of 195p.But, the decline is most dramatic for Australia with sales volumes only 44% of what they were five years ago.With volume falls of this magnitude you can understand why investors have abandoned Haynes, pushing the share from over £4 to only £1.25.Of the five major vehicle diagnostic equipment groups, three select Haynes Pro as the preferred supplier.

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