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Unlike the Chinese writing system (including Japanese “Kanji”), “Hangul” is not an ideographic system.

The shapes of the individual “Hangul” letters were designed to model the physical morphology of the tongue, palate and teeth. Like in other Asian languages, the relationship between a speaker or writer and his or her subject and audience is paramount in Korean, and the grammar reflects this.

It is unclear to what extent the honorific language and its grammatical forms have been retained in the north.

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Because of its greater variety of sounds, Korean does not have the problem of the Japanese written language, which some experts have argued needs to retain a sizable inventory of Chinese characters to distinguish a large number of potentially ambiguous sounds.

Although the Korean and Chinese languages are not related in terms of grammatical structure, more than 50 percent of all Korean vocabulary is derived from Chinese loanwords, a reflection of the cultural dominance of China over 2 millennia.

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Someone is equal or inferior in status if he/she is a close relative (grandparent, parent, spouse, or sibling), student, employee, etc.

On rare occasions (like when someone wants to pick a fight), a speaker might talk to a superior or stranger in a way normally only used for, say, animals.

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Despite the fact that Korean and Japanese have some similar grammatical structures, a historical relationship between the two languages has not been established so far.

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