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Students should be encouraged to draw illustrations and representations whenever possible.

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As an accommodation, the teacher lets her listen to an audiobook version of the textbook.

By using an audiobook, she can learn history without her reading issues getting in the way. Accommodations don’t change what your child is expected to know or learn. Your child may use an audiobook in American history, but she’s still expected to learn about events like the Civil War.

In American history, for instance, a modification may be that a child only needs to learn half of the material in the textbook.

Accommodations work best when they target a specific barrier or challenge.

An individualized education program in mathematics would concentrate on developing concepts and skills within such strands as: numeration, geometry, measurement, collection and interpretation of data, estimation/mental computations, patterns and relations and word problems/applications.

Concepts are best introduced with “hands-on” concrete materials.

Thus, the components of a reading program must also relate to one another, engage all children and meet their individual needs.

Reading activities may include: Theories on mathematics disabilities view spatial visualization and verbal skills as critical.

The Accommodating All Learners course addresses accommodation, modification, and adaptation of curriculum, materials, and instruction to appropriately meet the needs of varied students in achieving graduation standards (i.e., differentiated instruction).

Kids with learning and attention issues often face barriers to learning.

Knowing one-digit facts is important, but work with paper and pencil algorithms should not be emphasized, since calculations can be done with calculators if memory or sequencing is a problem.

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