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Simply bring any application to the foreground and click on the “Share” button in the top right corner of the application window.

This user design naturally protects your privacy by showing a window only if you you intentionally choose to show it.

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All data is always encrypted end-to-end, and VSee uses RSA public/private key to exchange the AES session key such that VSee servers do not have access to the AES session key. VSee is unmatched by any other tool on the market.” — Michael Helfrich, CEO of Blueforce Development Corporation “I love it, VSee vs Skype for me was noticing that Skype not only froze my computer, but 90% of the time crashed my computer entirely! I even went from a single core, 32bit OS that was crashing with Skype, to a 64bit dual core OS, that Skype still crashed, and on 4x the RAM as well!

This means only the people in your conversation can decrypt content received through VSee. Now that I’ve gone VSee, I can play D&D over the internet with several of my friends back in my hometown all at the same time! M, but I’ve found something that functions the way I want it to, and that’s simply the way VSee is designed to operate.

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Comparing the delivery of video with the same resolution: VSee vs Skype.

We could see using VSee the delivery is much smoother due to its technology to deliver data at a much lower bandwidth.

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