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It’s pretty easy money, it really is.” But Marcia is far from single - she has been with her long-term partner Joseph King for 10 years.He said: “There have been a lot of other things that I have done as a musician in New York City to make a living.

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While students have turned to sugaring to help fund their university studies.

A 33-YEAR-old woman has found a novel way to make extra money – by becoming a professional dater.

I try to rush the ‘interview’ so that I don’t have to stay for too long.

Marcia said: “I’d been on a dating site before and had a lot of people writing to me and I thought I should get paid for this and so I saw about what’s your price.

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Adult video chat, free text and video ads, blogs, sex forums and more.“The most indecent proposal that I ever had, was a guy asking me to Vegas for the weekend.” The singer-songwriter meets her men through; the dating site that links rich men to beautiful, younger women where the men say how much they are prepared to pay their date.“Some men wanna have dinner and that’s something I’m not interested in because I don’t want to waste time.The more drinks she has with men that are paying for her, the nicer dinners that I get to go out to."And so I realised that she’s going out to have drinks with men who are willing to pay her, so now she has money to take me out for drinks.

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