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But some ^re worrying that perhaps we may be slipping back.

I happen to belong to the only church in the history of this country that had ai extermination order put out against its members by a State (lovernor.

James: ^ Testimony * ^ Prepared statement * Moon, Kev, Sun Myung: „ Testimony ; tint Moon, Rev.

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Supplemental exhibit 4 — Declaration of Yukxko Matsumura * Supplementakexhibit 5— Affidavit ahl, clerks (Subcommittee on the 'Constitution); and Dick Bowman, counsel (Committee on the Judiciary). Ladies and gentlemen, this hearing will now come to order We are here in the capacity of the Senate Judiciary, Committee's Subcommittee on ti^e Constitution, Which I chaii\ to * conduct an oversight hearing on the state of religious liberty in America today, • This is a subject of monumental significance to our Republic.

6" Lilt of exhibit*— Continued Supplemental exhibit I— Declaration of John Kind* Supplemental exhibit 2— Declaration of Tomoko Tarii Supplemental exhibit'S— Declaration pf Kax^i Onuki .-. HATCH, A VS., SENATOR PROM THE STATE OF UTAH, CHAIRMAN, SUBCOMMITTEE ON ' THE CONSTITUTION v * • Senator Hatch.

These are not easy questions, these are not easy matters, they are tough.

And this has be& a very difficult hearing to set up and I have been very concerned about it.

James Kennedy, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Ft. Titus CBN University, Virginia Beach, Virginia; Edward v. Congress snail make no law respecting an establishment of religion 'or prohibiting the free exe/cise thereof * • • N (1) These words, clear as they may seem, have been the subject of significant, and sometimes heat&d, debate since their enactment almost two centuries ago. Board of Education that the establishment of religion clause-means at least that: Neither a state nor the Federal Government can set up a church.

Christianity ; Elementary Secondary Education; Federal Government; Federal Regulation; Government Role; Higher Education; *Parochial Schools; *Religionf; Religious Differences; *Religious Education; *State Church Separation two Leahy . Louisville , ABSTRACT ' v This report begins with the statements of committee members, Senators Orrin G. Greg Dixon, National Chairman of Unregistered Churches; Rev. Bergstrom, Lutheran Council in the United States; Rev. Paul Weaver, Trinity Baptist Church in Williston, Vermont; and a panel consisting of D. ttuit anubd- ment contains these few but well chosen words: - .

As I was saying I am con- cerned because this is the greatest country in the world, it is the greatest country providing the greatest measure of religious free- dom in the world today and I am concerned about putting minis- ters in jail txfcause of their religious beliefs and tenets or if they are nci.

religious beliefs and tenets, because of courts that will not allow religion to be considered as part of its instructions to the jury. To be sure, we have come a long way .since the early days of this country when priests were jailed, ministers were shot, and witches were burned at the Stake.

Just to mention a few of these disputes, we have re- cently seen a minister and others sent to jail in Nebraska for refus- ing to obey a court order which they feel, rightly or wrongly, is against their religious beliefs; we have seen a private religious uni- versity lose its tax exempt status, rightly or wrongly, because of the school's racially discriminatory admission standards; and we V have seen a private religious university lose its tax exempt status, rightly or wrongly, because of the school's racially discriminatory admission standards; and we have seen a foreign national, who came to our country to spread the word of God in the form of the Unification Church, investigated by the Internal Revenue Service and accused and convicted of criminal tax evasion stemming from allegations that he was in possession of money and property which he contended was not his own but rather the property of his church.

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