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"Soldiers bring the Punishment Table from the Royal Dungeons!! I need to make an example of the lazy hired help who laze around on Royal Largesse doing no hard work in their misbegotten lives!! for the slightest real or imagined infraction of Most Royal Wifely Authority!!

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While their huge army was still "standing" with their 'well-fed' bellies stuffed stupefied at the sheer daring of the guerrilla action , Her Majesty's lean, mean commandoes had kidnapped the yapping Sissy right from under his Father's nose : from the Royal Palace itself!!

Soon sniffing & sobbing a plaintive Sissy dressed in the coarse skirts of a serving maid was dragged out by the muscular, macho commandoes of Her Most Royal Majesty's Strike Claw force!! One sharp slap to his/her reddening cheek by Her Majesty's lowly, macho, burly, muscular Corporal & sniveling the Sissy who had fantasized he would once be Her Most Royal Majesty's even more Majestic Imperial Husband, King & Liege fell whimpering pitifully at Her Royal Feet, surrender written on his tear streaked effeminate features "sob! Whimper, please have mercy on your Royal hostage ..your equally blue blooded captive ..."...

His Most Royal Owner held out a graceful, gloved hand & Her Imperial Riding Crop appeared like magic in the hands of a smirking henchwoman[ Her Majesty duly noted the superior smirk with a furious mental note to Herself "Oh so we are uppity this morning, is it Mathilda you dare to sneer at My Beloved???!! When he could hold his breath no longer he gave a small imperceptible nod which his darling sweetheart-cum-wife immediately cued upon & She instantly ceased Her Reign of Fire on his muscular Butt-cheeks & thighs!!

later this evening you shall feel this crop on your stupid thick hide, vile maidservant, I promise thee!! One delicate, dainty stiletto-ed foot was placed on Her Loyal Vassal's bare neck to provide Public Evidence of Total Ownership of Her Consort, Toy-Boy & Hubby!! " commanded the Queen Recently in a daring raid Her Commando Strike Force ably led by Her Toy boy had abducted the neighboring Tyrant's son --a sniveling, coward & 'Mommy's Boy' who had once dared to woo Her Most High Majesty in a bid to usurp Her Queenwood.

& Her female subjects found release of their pent up frustrations at their own Male-Chauvinist husbands in watching their Ruler publicly humbling Her husband, slave boy & plaything even though it was they who nightly were soundly spanked, whipped or flogged under their respective husbands' or Male lovers' heavy hands!! Proffer up your meaty haunches for a whipping at the Royal Majestic hands of your Wife, Ruler & Queen!!

" her angry voice carried to the far reaches of the crowd: after all it was Her Evil Plan to publicize Her Total Dominance & Over-ladyship over Her giant Consort-cum-Toy boy who was also a skilled Military Genius, Guerrilla Fighter & Commander of Her Elite Commando Force Her Majesty's Strike Claws ...

He lifted his gaze against the light, and met eyes the color of a summer sky.

They were set in a heart shaped face, wreathed by a sunlit cloud of Botticelli curls.

He pulled in deep gulps of oxygen as per Pranayamic Yoga, held in the Inhalation / Purakas[ the Blond giant had been trained by Tibetan Lamas in Yoga in far off Lhasa where he had run off, but that's a different story to follow in the following Chapters ...] Obediently he pushed his face into the ground near Her Majesty's Stiletto-ed delicate feet , thus raising his buttocks & thighs as per his Ruler's Royal Edict ---there was a collective gasp of lust from the ladies present whether blue-blooded Ladies in Waiting or washerwomen all admired the chiseled, muscular thighs & butt of Her Most Obedient & Docile Plaything!!

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