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The transition pieces didn’t work but they just left it that way, glued with my husband’s iron block sitting on it hoping it would stick. Then they tried putting the trim work to the front door as the trim for the bathroom.

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This is the worse service I have ever gotten in 65 years.

If they are afraid to contact and inform and help out customers then maybe they should find other employment.

I was in the store waiting to see them only to have Penny put a message in the system as to the reply from Romanoff about getting the installation money back.

I have no idea how to get a hold of Romanoff and no idea as to what the payment will be.

Do you have any suggestions as to what to do with my now funky looking floor and uprooted carpeting? I would love to talk to him to see what options there are.

Only one of the people I talked with that came to the house was on the ball. Reply I have read many of the reviews about HD here and on other sites and it appears they dont read them or pay any attention to the negative things said about them. They flaunt their attention to their support of veterans but will not honor a veteran discount without the “proper” documents.

By 1989, Home Depot had become the largest home improvement store in the US, surpassing their competitor, Lowes.

In 1994 Home Depot expanded to Canada, and in 2001 to Mexico.

My biggest grumble is with two of the employees there.

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