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Nevertheless, if the UAE has not discovered a specific proxy server, then it can be used for a short time.

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The problem with this method is locating an organization willing to let UAE users VPN into their network. SSH (Secure Shell) is a program used to connect to another server at the command line level with encryption, and has the ability to add data tunnels to the connection. Doing it with SSH involves creating an encrypted SSH tunnel to a SSH server outside of the UAE for web browsing traffic.

The SSH client needs to have a port forwarded from the local machine in the UAE to any proxy server on the Internet using the SSH server as an intermediary.

This method has the same disadvantages as the VPN, which is locating an organization willing to have UAE users SSH into their server.

Connect with Remote Desktop to a Windows computer outside of the UAE.

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Use any search engine to look for an updated list of free proxy servers.

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