Advice on dating single moms

Yes, single moms do it all the time, and no, we don't need your sympathy. Contrary to popular opinion, we are not all sitting sadly on the couch in an ill-fitting pair of yoga pants shoveling ice cream in our mouths while lamenting our younger, child-free days in which we had perkier boobs.

But I might need a drink, so feel free to buy me one this week at happy hour. All right, sometimes these couch-ice-cream-shoveling sessions do happen, but the majority of us are no more miserable than moms who do have partners. If I wanted you to know where the father of my child is, I'd tell you.

Please save the comments about hard it must be for someone else.

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Honestly, it doesn't even matter how anyone becomes a single parent.

Since becoming one myself, I have connected with other single parents and we usually don't exchange Single Mom War Stories — those super-detailed timelines of how we even got to where we are — until we are way more comfortable with each other.(i.e.

Not only do I find it difficult to do anything outside of my own (and my son's) jam-packed schedule, I sometimes experience this single-parent guilt that tells me I must do everything 200 percent or more.

By the end of the day, there's not much energy left to do anything but pass out in my bed. That's 48 hours or more because last-minute anything probably isn't realistic.

(Which, mind you, is no easy feat to for a 3-year-old boy!

) We're also grateful to hear praise that does not involve our kids — I personally pride myself on the fact that I work hard to keep my skin, hair, and nails looking good and somehow manage to squeeze in workouts, and I appreciate it when someone notices. There is no need for you to set us up on dates unless we ask.And we don't always have someone patting us on the back to say, "Great job!" So it means a lot when someone says your son has such good manners and seems to have mastered the art of sharing his toy cars.But if you really want to hang out (and I would love to see you! ), feel free to come over with a bottle of wine and catch me up on everything in your life while I do things like pick up discarded Legos on the floor and fold mounds of toddler-size clothing. But there is nothing worse than scrolling through Instagram and seeing all your friends having a merry time without you — at a get-together you didn't even know about.Extend the invitation and I will be there if I can.In hindsight, I am sure there were all kinds of shortcuts I could have taken to get things done and there were many days that I couldn't muster the energy to shower or shave my legs. Compliment us on both our parenting skills and our appearance.

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