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I will, however, always have a rope for you when you arrive at least.- Margaret pls point me to the post where i said not using my pronouns makes me suicidal also hello im suicidal too stop acting like you know me for some reason cause you’re some edgy little kid who gets off on skulls so fuck off lol Anti-transmedicalists do that a lot. Why don’t you fly down here and let’s see how we get on? Perh aps your suicidal idealizations are connected with your guilt.

Are you saying that you disagree and that someone not using your pronouns is not grounds for depression?

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It’s fucking gross that the trans community is taking safe spaces away from its own members. god-emperor-silver is a racist and misogynistic white boy that just called a ‘transfeminine’ (hate that word. He called me a dog because of my skin colour and ethnic features.

I am sorry gentry folk but if you want me to die then you will have to do it yourselves and I simply can not afford the airfare. I will provide the rope if you pay for your own airfare.

They are so great to chat to these women are justbeautifullena, belgradei join eurodate to meet interesting guys andits been happiness so far. I do hope the great manappreciates your valid effort, jolly good show.

I've been on pof and otherdating sites for a long time now.

The nature of Brando, who combined a primal force of the spirit, aroused enthusiasm of youth.

Especially after the movie "The Savage" (1953), where his character broke the established way of life.

Ifyou are so smart, why haven't you come up with anything ontopic?

00august 13, 2013 warrior there is nothing in this article that warrants discussion as it ispersonal attack on all women, as well as degrades decent men.

There is no need to suggestthat people get a life as you have every opportunity to just surf onby if you don't want to read this stuff. Even then, you have to wade through schools of delusionaltypes to find anything even remotely worthwhile. They really think its the dogso, he starts bombarding the room with a couple, more powerful, louderstinkers.

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