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Actor Brando's talent demonstrated in the television version of the play "A Streetcar Named" Desire ".

Seeing Brando in the Hollywood producers noted actor who attracted the attention of the viewer, despite the wild and unbalanced character.

The nature of Brando, who combined a primal force of the spirit, aroused enthusiasm of youth.

Especially after the movie "The Savage" (1953), where his character broke the established way of life.

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The rebellious nature of young minds hypnotized he created the image.

The nature of Brando, with the advent of glory, much interested in the scandalous press, which described him as "the genius of dark contemplation and independent stubbornness." The media is to blame Brando in that it affects their nasty and rude character at all, even with the woman becomes violently, changing them as gloves.

I think they are more in love with the idea of being in love. It no longer matters what the woman looks like(despite the fact that appearance is everything on plenty of fish). This typifies the behaviour of pof delusional women.

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