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900 more photos were too explicit for public consumption.Eventually, Rodney would be convicted of five murders. His killing method would also seem cruel in the extreme. Or he’d strangle them almost to death, only to revive them and start strangling them once more. It means Rodney would want to resist social norms and laws. And would not understand even the concept of remorse. Rodney coaxed her into his flat, raped her and beat her with a steel bar.

Then, he’d arrange his victim’s body into an erotic pose, and take photos.

After nearly two decades of sexual assaults and murder, Rodney Alcala applied to appear on the telly show, the Dating Game.

Just in time for New Year’s Eve, here’s a clip of Gene doing his thing: You would think the producers did background checks on their contestants. Yet somehow he was deemed acceptable for a national game show.

After this episode aired, he was accused of murdering at least 50 victims. Even today as he sits inside a jail cell, the body count continues.

Investigators still continue to link other grizzly murders to Acala.

Luckily “bachelorette” Cheryl Bradshaw did not go on the date.

Only in the 1970s would you have such programs like The Match Game and The Gong Show. Cause really, who needs cable when all you have to do is search on You Tube.

Who can ever forget the Unknown Comic, The Worms, and of course, Gene Gene The Dancing Machine! He was a convicted rapist and registered sex offender.

At the time of his 1978 appearance on this show, contestant Rodney Alcala was a convicted rapist, having served time in prison for the rape of an 8-year-old girl.

In 2010 he was sentenced to death in California for five murders he committed between 19.

He is thought to be responsible for many others, and in early 2011 he was indicted in connection with the deaths of two other women during the 1970s.

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