Alicia keys and swizz beats dating

We’ve gone past to present to dig up some of the most famous celebrity cheating scandals of all time.But we promise, no one-night stands here; these famous cheaters not only strayed — but also stayed — by marrying their mistresses!

I don’t think it would be right for me to be there.” "I am very happy for her - the kids love Anne," O'Donnell says through a rep.

ZARIN, COHEN HOLD PEACE TALKS Jill Zarin went head-to-head with Bravo boss/talk-show host Andy Cohen on Monday night – and walked away happy.

but I'm happy to be an idol, so I can accept these inconveniences!

Some fairy tales begin a little differently than others, and for these famous couples, their love story is anything but traditional.

We doubt Rosie will be miffed at not receiving an invite to the spring nuptials.

In January, O’Donnell told Piers Morgan that she didn’t know if it “would feel right for either of us [for Carpenter to be at Rosie’s wedding] and the same when she and Anne get married.LIN’S HEART WAS WITH NYC The Knicks brought in Jason Kidd as their point guard, but the kid that got away is on the cover of November’s GQ magazine.Now a Houston Rocket, Jeremy Lin tells the men’s mag he didn’t want to leave New York.Carpenter first met Steele when the singer was performing on one of her company’s cruise ship tours 10 years ago and started dating her 21/2 years ago.Neither woman has bought a dress yet, but the honeymoon is set for Mykonos, Greece.At its worst, it amounts to an invasion of the celebritys privacy; after all, famous people are still human beings entitled to pursue romantic relationships in their personal lives. Very often, such characters will be a musicians girlfriend whose antics or presence cause the band to break up; shes often a direct send-up of Trope Namer Yoko Ono.

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