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Once I did that kind of self-check the first two years when I got cut, and even my first year in Seattle, I was like, You got to figure out what you can do that’s going to make a positive impact that still speaks to who you are as a person and a player. Once I understood that, every year, things just got a lot easier. The outside noise doesn’t bother me anymore because I’m solid in what my role is and I know what my job is, and it’s good when you can finally get to that place.

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And that’s really when I started focusing on playing that.

Because in high school, we joked around and called Mt.

So my sophomore year is when I started getting serious about it. SLAM: How did that affect your college recruitment? But there were some schools—because it was my junior year, so it was still far out. SLAM: Was it difficult to find your role once you made it to the WNBA?

SLAM: And you ended up getting a serious hip injury in high school, right? AC: Honestly, the big name schools weren’t recruiting me highly anyway just because I was new to the area, and I was still kind of new to basketball. But obviously the concern because it was the Bo Jackson injury that ended his career. AC: I’m going to be completely honest, it was really hard because as a player, you have an identity, and growing up, you’ve been playing for a long time.

Clark, now a fifth-year forward with the Seattle Storm, is the first NCAA basketball player, men’s or women’s, to earn player of the year accolades in two conferences.

Now get this: She not only was named POY in both the Sun Belt and Atlantic Sun conferences, but she holds the honor twice in each.

SLAM: When did you really start to focus on basketball?

Alysha Clark: When we moved to Tennessee my sophomore year in high school is probably the first time I’ve experienced basketball in the manner that it is in middle Tennessee.

AC: Oh man, my rookie year in Seattle, I was on a team with probably the most amazing veterans you could ever put on one team with Tanisha Wright, Tina Thompson, Katie Smith.

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