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Worth searching out, especially if you can find a wide screen copy.

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See full summary » In 1864, mercenary Clyde Mac Kay leads a squad of hard-case cutthroats on a mission for the Confederate high command: infiltrate an enemy fortress and steal a million dollars in gold from the Union Army.

Respectable lawyer Peter picks up Anna, an Italian woman of dubious virtue, from the club and takes her back to his Uncle's place. A gunman Quill (Julian Mateos), is waiting for them.

Though the identities and whereabouts of the saboteurs are unknown, a team of British soldiers is set up to track them down and abort their mission.

While the Battle of Britain rages overhead, the final confrontation takes place as the German team are about to blow up the RAF Fighter Command control centre.

I can serve up extreme scenarios including ball busting and whipping too. whether you are a novice, masochist or a highly experienced slave. Feel free to visit the rest of my website and do not hesitate to make an enquiry.

Location: Private and truly unique play space situated in the Kensington borough of London, UK.

Be punctual - this means your session starts at the time we agreed.

My website is fully informative up to what is "allowed"; I will ONLY entertain calls that relate directly to making bookings and I do not tour outside of London.

10am up to 10pm Monday to Sunday (later session times are considered).

My fees: I except British sterling only - ensure you have My correct donation ready in an envelope to hand to Me without prompting within the first five minutes of our session.

Mobile telephones and cameras are not allowed in any of the playrooms.

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