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The overwhelmingly positive clamor inspired Choi to start work on an album of his own.

It helps to know that he has a pre-existing consumer base of more than 40,000 subscribed fans eager to buy the end result, sight unseen.

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I realized I could just do whatever I wanted." But what she did - gently hilarious one-woman skits in which she portrays as many as a half-dozen members of her extended Filipino American family - proved to be wildly popular.

So much so that, a year and a half later, her Happy Slip channel is the fifth most subscribed on You Tube.

😬 That little snippet got 4 million views on Facebook in 2 days! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽTo refresh your memory, this is my video: (Then scroll down to see Nevaeh's imitation!

I never expected that kind of response, but here is the most flattering thing... I was surprised because she remembered all the weird sounds and things I said haha!!

Not cockiness - many of his rants, like "I need help with the Females," are drenched in self-deprecating humor - but casual ease. In fact, Kevin is a little surprised to even be asked the question. So much so that Kevin took it in stride when Golden State Warriors point guard Baron Davis reached out to him, suggesting they do some videos together - an encounter that led to Kevin and Davis exchanging a series of challenges, eventually leading up to an epic staring contest that was won not by Kevin or Davis, but by an unexpected third entrant: actress and online video junkie Jessica Alba.

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And yet, they've received nearly 30 million views because Kevin just talking is, well, pretty hilarious. On the Internet, celebrities get exposed as real people (Lindsay Lohan picks her nose!

His deadpan vocal delivery, animated facial expressions and tendency toward unexpected digressions make for surprisingly mesmerizing video. ) and real people get the exposure needed to turn them into celebrities.

As it rocketed up the viewership charts, "You Tube (A Love Song)" got picked by the service as a front-page Featured Video.

The video has since been seen nearly 1.9 million times, helping make him You Tube's 16th-most subscribed musician of all time, just ahead of, ahem, Britney.

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