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Rumours surrounding the features on the Apple Watch 4 are actually much more substantial than design features.

Here’s everything the rumour mill seems to be suggesting.

A prototype involves the wearer squeezing the device with two fingers which triggers an imperceptible electrical current, travelling across their chest, and then tracking signals in the heart.

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Just when we started to think the rumour mill would never kick into gear, the ever reliable KGI Securities has stepped up and has given us our first ever substantial Apple Watch 4 rumour.

According to 9to5Mac, who obtained the note made by Ming-Chi Kuo to investors, the Apple Watch 4 will be released this autumn with an all-new "more trendy" design.

It’s very difficult to get devices with biosensors installed in them without FDA approval.

However, according to an announcement made by the FDA in September 2017, Apple is one of the companies that’s been accepted into the pre-Cert program, designed to fast track software and hardware through the approvals process. Apple has also received FDA approval for an EKG monitor in an Apple Watch.

The biggest rumour making the rounds right now suggests that, not only will the watch be smart, but the wristband might be just as smart, too.

There are numerous patents suggesting a modular design might be on the cards.Features-wise, the Apple Watch 4 could have new health sensors to accompany its current heart rate and movement monitors.Though what exactly the new sensors will track isn't made clear.Apple Watch 1 and 2: 16 September 2016Apple Watch Series 3: 22 September 2017READ NEXT: Apple Watch 3 Review If the pattern continues, we should see the Apple Watch Series 4 announced at the Apple event in September 2018, and arrive in stores around a week or two later. While some rumours suggest that the Apple Watch 4 will have a round-faced design, it’s based on a flimsy, barely adequate picture from a report on a modular band, which we think is more likely to reach the Apple Watch than the round clock face.Patent images are often standardised to encourage approval, and a round face was probably chosen to remove any identifiable Apple branding. There are a bunch of other rumours which we think are more likely to come true, though.The patent shows off a watch sporting a front-facing camera, with a note explaining that it could possibly be used to capture QR codes or barcodes.

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