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By using the notions of experience and expertise as a lens to explore different facets of making, several strands of thought are mapped out.

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Nevertheless, what most people have failed to notice is that all the men involved are first-generation immigrants who came to the UK as adults which makes me hope that greater amounts of ‘integration’ into the wider community will alter perceptions of Pakistani men and prevent them from viewing white women, in the words of Jack Straw as ‘easy meat’.

But in the end, the real loss has been the bewilderness and bafflement of the generation born and brought up here as they begin to question their association with the country their parents are from.

This presentation – which builds upon Sophie’s halftime seminar – provides insights on her project on maker practice, on the makerspace as site and the people and their experiences within as observed and analysed with the help of ethnographic fieldwork and participant observation.

The seminar gives a short account on the current academic discourse on making and perspectives from the standpoint of HCI, but has its main emphasise on the current state of projects and both connected publications (some published and some in progress).

In contrast to that, the second world is the over-sexualised English lifestyle where women are scantily clad, binge drinking is the main form of entertainment and porn is an acceptable outlet.” Alyas’s viewpoint doesn’t differ much from the former Labour MP for Keighley Ann Cryer, who in 2003 said: ” Pakistani men are exploiting local children because they had married, or been promised in marriage, to someone they’ve never met, some cousin from their village in Mirpur who is almost certainly illiterate and hasn’t got anything in common with them.” This makes me wonder if lack of education and say in personal life choices, inter-family marriages and the demeaning attitudes towards the display of affection between couples are just some of the factors that have lead to the horrendous ordeal.

When we look at the numbers, men involved in grooming underage girls on the streets we find that of the18 child sexual exploitation trials since 1997 – in Derby, Leeds, Blackpool, Blackburn, Rotherham, Sheffield, Rochdale, Oldham and Birmingham, most of those convicted were of Pakistani heritage.It’s not easy to find a relationship in this hectic world, particularly if you’re busy with work or other commitments, or simply don’t have the time or inclination to go to all the usual meeting spots.Arab takes pole position in our Arab Dating websites category.But all of them have been very cautious of accentuating this into a race or religion issue.In spite of all that, I cannot stop myself from thinking that this case has a lot to do with ethnicity. Södertörn University, room MD338 Please, be in time or announce your presence to Mirjam Palosaari Eladhari since the seminar is held in a closed area.

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