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A high-profile sacking is in store tonight on Comic Relief when one of the defeated boys from Comic Relief's Celebrity Apprentice will be fired by Sir Alan Sugar.

Sugar decided the girls team, led by Michelle Mone, and featuring Patsy Palmer, Ruby Wax, Carol Vorderman and Fiona Phillips, had come up with the more viable product after the sides were set the challenge of inventing a children's toy.

Despite a bit a run-in between Patsy and Michelle, they showed their 'Stick Stuck' had a likelier future than the 'Swap Belt' - and so tonight one of the boys will be subjected to the boardroom ignominy normally reserved for wannables on Sir Alan's show.

In the boys' team, both Jonathan Ross and Gok Wan put themselves forward as potential project managers. Patsy and Fiona headed to a school to see what children made of their hugging suit idea, and were pleased when the youngsters seemed to like it.

The joker: Jonathan Ross jumps on a space hopper as the boys team bounce their ideas around But Jack Dee suggested that Gerald Ratner, the former jeweller who once described his own range as c***, should be the leader because of his previous experience. Patsy Palmer wanted to make a 'hugging suit', and Ruby said it should be made of velcro. Doing research for his team, Jonathan asked a young boy what she thought of their idea - a belt with collectable characters you could hook onto it and swap with your friends.

The East Enders star complained that that they had been given enough to do for the task.'We're not performers, are we? 'You're not really a presenter and I'm not really an actress.'Patsy's anger rose when she and Fiona rejoined their team in County Hall.'I don't feel like we're a team at all. The men took to the stage, and Jonathan Ross introduced their product. In the boardroom, Alan asked if the girls were pleased with their manager Michelle. 'We didn't mind being told what to do but we didn't know what we were meant to be doing.' Stage show: 'If you hadn't noticed by now, we're the boys' team,' Jonathan Ross pitches an assembled audience of toymakers and investors When asked the same question about Gerald, the boys seemed pleased with their team leader.

We are split into two camps,' said Patsy to the camera.'Me and Fiona don't know what to do. Businesswoman Michelle retaliated by telling her to 'zip it'.'Don't tell me to zip it,' said Patsy. 'You may have guessed by now, we're the boys team,' he joked. Gerald added: 'Jonathan is the sort of person that likes to monopolise.' Gok Wan and Jack Dee introduce the pirates, sea monstes an aliens who will be Swappy characters.

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Gok felt under pressure to deliver as he was known for being a stylist.'I do feel like I have to reinvent Gucci,' he said nervously. Honest to God, I feel like I'm going to leave after this.' She then stormed out of the room. He knows how passionate I am about this.'However, Michelle tried to make friends after seeing the performance of the dancers that Patsy had choreographed. Patsy replied: 'It's just our experience of doing the advert. They were more than happy to roll around.' As the launch came to a close, the teams relaxed for the first time in three days, and Sir Alan began consulting with the industry experts.

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