Are alexa anderson and matt kazmierczak dating

Contestants are listed in reverse chronological order of elimination.

Haley Reinhart's "Free" is played in the montage of a female contestant's elimination, and Mikey Wax's "Counting On You" is played in the male contestant's.

The ninth season is also the first in which dancers have been able to exert some control over the styles they dance for their duets; Lythgoe revealed during the week 3 performances that during this season couples are given the ability to pick their styles from the pool of available routines for a given week, with the order of choosing determined by drawing lots.

Season 9's Top 14 show also became the first episode in the show's history to feature only one style, the first to feature only one choreographer and the first to feature routines from previous seasons danced by new contestants when it aired as a tribute to long-time contributing choreographer Mia Michaels, with seven of her past contemporary routines danced by season 9 contestants.

Tasha has choreographed numerous award winning pieces throughout the US for competitions and other events.

Her most recent piece “Dissolving Friction”, which performed at Mashed Up, showcasing So You Think You Can Dance dancers: Alexa Anderson, Matthew Kazmierczak and Paul Karmiryan along with seven other Los Angeles based professional dancers, received much acclaim and was invited to perform at Dancescape LA, The Edge Performing Arts Show and Los Angeles’ most prestigious event, Carnival.

Lythgoe also hinted at which elements of the results show were likely to be carried over into the new format, suggesting the group and guest dance routines would be shown priority over guest musical acts.

These above changes all proved to be in place once the season's performance shows began airing but were also accompanied by a number of other format tweaks.* Only participated on the judge's panel on the round they choreographed.In January 2012, Fox announced that So You Think You Can Dance would be returning for its ninth season in a format similar to that seen in season one; a single two-hour episode per week, eliminating each week's results show.During her competitive dance career, Kaitlyn competed under numerous studios, to include Breakthru Dance Company, Dance Motion Performing Arts Center, Mary Jo's Performing Arts Center, and Master Ballet Academy.Kaitlyn was a member of the Initial Existence contemporary dance group at Master Ballet.In previous seasons, all dancers who were in danger of elimination were automatically assigned to perform such solos but in season 9 the judges, taking into advisement the dancers' previous performances and the advice of the choreographers who have worked with them, will decide each week which (if any) dancers will perform solos.

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