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To the contrary, she has always been OK with being thought of as just a basketball player: the hero to one side, the villain to the other. She hopes to play through the 2020 Summer Games; it would be her fifth Olympics.

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Are diana taurasi and penny taylor dating

She's at that point as a professional athlete where there has been some reflection, and maybe just a little melancholy."Oh, yeah.

To say it doesn't happen would be a lie," she said.

Taurasi acknowledged it was a very busy, happily distracting time, with friends and family in town, but basically attributed her shooting woes to basketball being basketball."I've had a lot of nights like this," she said.

"You play enough basketball, you're going to play like s--- sometimes. It's almost like when you have a night like that, you have to recalibrate a little.

You have to do it wrong to get it right again."Taurasi has always been consumed by sports, and she gives all she has to whatever team she's playing on.

In the WNBA, that has been in Phoenix, where she appreciates everything, even the tough love."There have been times when Phoenix has dropped the hammer on me," she said.

It's the next progression, and it's exciting in so many ways."Taurasi and the Mercury lost their season opener, as she shot 1-for-11 for three points.

She made no excuses, although there was an obvious one: Her wedding was just the day before, set before the WNBA schedule came out.

Winters in Russia, which at its coldest can drain anyone's willpower."You could even say that started in Connecticut," Taurasi said of the significantly chillier place she went to college after growing up in the sunny Los Angeles suburb of Chino, California.

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