Are diana taurasi and penny taylor dating

On May 13, she married Penny Taylor, who also had a long, distinguished basketball career in the WNBA and overseas."She expects more of herself than any coach or team ever could," Taylor said.

I've definitely had some more conversations with myself at night."Taurasi, now in her 13th season in the WNBA, is poised to become the league's career scoring leader this summer.

She is 144 points shy of Tina Thompson's record of 7,488 and might pass that in June, the same month she turns 35.

Just in understanding that as much as we all love our sport, and we all have these goals we want to achieve, there is life away from the court."Taylor retired after the past season and now works on the Mercury coaching staff, having played in Phoenix for 10 seasons as Taurasi's teammate.

They've also been on-court adversaries, during the Olympics and world championship, with Taylor playing for her native Australia."We've had such a great relationship for the last seven, eight years," Taurasi said.

Taurasi acknowledged it was a very busy, happily distracting time, with friends and family in town, but basically attributed her shooting woes to basketball being basketball."I've had a lot of nights like this," she said.

"You play enough basketball, you're going to play like s--- sometimes. It's almost like when you have a night like that, you have to recalibrate a little.

Her competitiveness has never waned, though it sometimes gets her in trouble.

Taurasi recently was suspended one game for a forearm to the head of an opponent.

But she has tried to back away from another extreme.

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