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The first season features a cast of five actors who receive star billing.

Josh Radnor portrays Ted, a young architect who is searching for his future wife.

Make this a little more easy to follow.” But I described it as if Quentin Tarantino directed a sitcom. JR: Oh, no, I’ve got about five or ten more minutes. Um…the music for the show is awesome, and, clearly, the selections are the work of fierce music geeks… BE: I was going to ask…because, like, you used my favorite Replacements song (“Skyway”), you used a song from the first Fountains of Wayne album (“Sink to the Bottom”), you used a relatively obscure Roxy Music song (“Mother of Pearl”)... I think…there’s a songwriter that I love, in Brooklyn, named Jay May, and I want to get her hooked up, but I doubt if she actually follows television.

We have an episode coming up, called “Lucky Penny,” that I’m flying to interview with these corporate guys for a new position in New York, but I have to fly to their corporate headquarters in Chicago…and Robin’s coming with me, and we’re about to miss the plane, and it turns out that I had a court date, and that’s why I missed the plane. JR: Yeah, actually, Barney Stinson is named after…isn’t he the (Replacements’) guitarist? JR: Yeah, Carter and Craig are actually huge Replacements (fans). But I gave the song to Craig, and he and the music supervisor want to use it, maybe for the season finale. BE: Do you ever hear from any of the artists who end up having their music play a key role in the show? And I think Craig and Carter had a fairly well-known musician call and say that he was a huge fan of the show, and that if he could ever do anything, if they ever wanted to use any of his music, that they could. BE: Did anyone ever hear from Moby after the “Not Moby” episode? BE: First, do you anticipate your voice changing to sound like Bob Saget’s anytime soon?

The season introduces Ted Mosby (voiced by Bob Saget) in the year 2030 as he sits his daughter and son down to tell them the story of how he met their mother.

The story begins in 2005 with Ted (Josh Radnor) as a single, 27-year-old architect living in Manhattan with his two best friends from college: Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel), a law student, and Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan), a kindergarten teacher, who have been dating for almost nine years when Marshall proposes.

BE: I don’t know if they told you why we wanted to talk to you, but we do a TV Power Rankings thing for our site… BE: …and “How I Met Your Mother” vaulted from the Bubbling Under section into our top 20… JR: Y’know, Carter (Bays) and Craig (Thomas, the show’s creators) lobbied really hard to get that. I mean, very simply, I was…you get a script, if you’re lucky, every pilot season, and it was sent to me by my agency, and I read it really fast and I called my agent and said, “I’ll audition for this.” Because I’d been burned in some TV stuff, and my agent really wanted me to be picky about television, and the way she phrased it when I first signed with her was, “TV is like junior high: the more you say no, the more they like you.” The casting director was a big fan of mine, but I had actually passed on a few auditions for her, and she didn’t think that I’d come, but she told them…she told Carter and Craig, “I have your Josh.” () Whoa, I almost died, hold on.

JR: ( been trumpeting it as the heir apparent to “Friends” since, like, the second episode. BE: So, from a timeliness standpoint, I guess my first question has to be, why didn’t CBS air your Super-Bowl-themed episode right after the Super Bowl?The season was directed by Pamela Fryman and produced by Bays & Thomas Productions and 20th Century Fox Television.It consists of 22 episodes, each running approximately 22 minutes in length.I think their name in the original draft of the script was, like, the Jazz Lobsters. BE: Because I’ve heard a report that there’s going to be a wedding coming up, and then the tease that it might not be the engaged couple (Marshall and Lily) who’ll be the ones getting married, and it just sounds like it’s setting up for a possible cliffhanger. I’m about to get the script for next week’s episode later this afternoon, so that’s about as far in advance as I know what’s happening…but I do think the next episode is called “Bachelor Party,” if that gives you any idea where the season’s going. () BE: For some reason, it never occurred to me until I heard about the wedding that just because Robin isn’t the mother of Future Ted’s kids doesn’t mean that Ted and Robin couldn’t have been married at some point of these stories…unless parenting standards have really changed by 2035! Their engagement causes Ted to think about marriage and finding his soul mate, much to the disgust of his self-appointed best friend Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris).

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