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However, when Clooney and Pitt were still pretending to be friends and pulling pranks on each other, Pitt went on Ellen and had her send chippendales to Clooney's office insisting "make sure one of them is blond", which I thought was essentially outing Clooney and also saying he has a type. James Franco spent hours in a hotel room with Xavier Dolan, once.

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Newman told him he was no different than anybody else he had flings with when on location. This agent also blabbed to me that Mel Gibson never once had affairs with his leading lady but scratched his itch by having Asian hookers flown to him on location.

And a prerequisite had to be that they neither spoke or understood English.

Danny Kaye and Laurence Olivier were pretty much secretly married for 12 years.

They had houses built next door to each other and went on vacation with Noel Coward and his partner.

They tended to be the "low income" type, as a result.

Hattie Mc Daniel and Talulah Bankhead Clooney and Rande Gerber are pretty much known about by everybody.

Farrell made a comment about a wild trip they went on together to Mexico where they ended up sharing a pillow, but they were only spooning.

Farrell and Sam Rockwell also made a joke about Renner being a former boyfriend of Rockwell's during press for Seven Psychopaths. Joan Plowright has openly acknowledged that Laurence Olivier was bisexual and that she knew and accepted that he had affairs with men.

Love often just isn't confined by society's dictates.

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