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The local fishermen usually call the temple Tsudera, Port Temple, and the honzon is known as Kajitori Jizō, the Helmsman Jizō.

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As an aside, old pilgrimage guidebooks say of Tosa, "Tosa wa oniguni yado ga nai." (Tosa is the land of demons where there are no inns). There were plenty of inns, uncountable numbers of friendly people, and abundant amounts of friendship.

The temple was founded by Kōbō Daishi and he carved the honzon in 807.

He moved in and said that he wouldn't leave until he had completed his task.

Three years later, when he was 22 years old, Kōbō Daishi achieved enlightenment and dedicated his life to the salvation of all mankind.

By the time you reach the border of Kōchi Prefecture you are aware that something is happening to you. But, even with all of the luxury it is possible to discipline yourself.

Some important and interesting changes have occurred in your mind as you walked from temple to temple over the past week. Maybe you have come to realize that, just like there is more to this pilgrimage than just walking from temple to temple, there is more to life than just getting from day to day.When you strike the boulder with the smaller stones, musical tones are given off.Not just a CLACK of one stone hitting another, but a clack accompanied by a distinct musical tone, with different sized rocks producing different tones. A deity appeared to Kōbō Daishi and Kōbō Daishi embedded it in this stone, which has shone ever since.If you visit the bangai temples as well, this will change some of these distances. About each temple's goeika: there are variations between books on the goeika for various temples. And this awareness is probably making a difference in your life. It is a little hard to imagine what the holy men and women of old went through as they walked this trail if you stay in a warm and dry room every night.I don't know if they have changed over the years or if different groups and/or sects have different accepted versions. If you are guaranteed dinner each night and breakfast each morning.The honzon is so life like that legend states that it walked to the alter by itself after being carved.

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