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All of the foregoing is subject to the vagaries of memory, but it might prompt recollections from others.All of Simpsons OBs were bought new-JWT 848 was the last and remained in use until 1968.The others were: FWU 231, FYG 809, GWT 340, GWW 292, HWR 61, HWT 531 & HWW 642 The last of these was withdrawn in 1958.

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23/12/17 EYMS Tiger TS7s In the late 40s and early 50s, we were regular travellers on the Leeds to East Coast services run jointly by West Yorkshire Road Car Co and East Yorkshire Motor Services.

The contrast between the 2 operators was a source of constant fascination, especially so with vehicle types in use.

Certainly Lincolnshire were in the town by the late 1930’s and some of these were absorbed.

It would be unusual for a Tilling company to retain an old operators name unless it was very substantial, in which case I would have anticipated seeing it somewhere in those sources.

These 7 Leyland TS7’s were amongst 50 vehicles acquired by Southdown for their 8.6 litre diesel engines for their plan to run an all diesel engined fleet.

They were not operated and the majority had their engines replaced with redundant petrol units and resold immediately.

Chris Smith Company wise there are four possibilities for local bus operators around Scarborough in 1962.

Some links to photographs of the types follow: East Yorkshire Motor Services ran south to Filey, Bridlington and Hull.

It is complete, but has not run for many years and could do with a new coat of paint.

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