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TS-53135 - When upgrading from 7.6 or earlier, Spotfire could crash during startup on systems with non-elevated privileges.

TSWP-12099 - Under certain conditions (running Kerberos, most RAM is in use, user initiated analysis load) loading a large analysis can fail with an Unauthorized Access Exception logged in the service log. TSDC-4608 - Unable to connect to an Oracle database containing one or more stored procedures with IN/OUT REF CURSOR parameters.

TS_7.11.0.71 LTS HF-001: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.11.x (Released: December 20, 2017) TS-52158 - Issues when running application with other display scale factors than 100%.

TS-52054 - Analysis files with Data Table data sources that had been refreshed to use another source table, which had then been removed, can become impossible to open.

TS-52194 - Performance issue with pivot transformations on large data sets.

TS-52472 - Unable to use multiple select list box in text area with non-unique values.

TSWP-11980 - Under certain conditions with scheduled updates, closed documents will not be cleaned up fast enough.

TS-53037 - Access keys for Asian languages are missing in many places.

TS-53078 - Spotfire could crash during when closed via COM.

TS-52548 - Spotfire can become unstable and crash instead of showing an error message, when attempting to Insert Columns with Too Deep join condition.

TS-52674 - Visualizations does not use the sort order defined by the SSAS cube.

NOTE: TIBCO Spotfire hotfixes are cumulative - each new hotfix contains all previous hotfixes as well.

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