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In 20 creative people made fitted mesh bodies that were the same type of mesh as fitted mesh clothes.

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This means the same clothing item for a skinny avatar, average avatar, or fat avatar pretty much fits. plus a number of other technical factors and better looks. Because a mesh body fits the classic body so closely, like a second skin so to speak, the classic body tends to poke through.

A fitted mesh body, hands, feet, and head are all mesh primitives used as attachments to the Classic avatar. The solution is to wear and on the classic body, which makes the classic body invisible.

What may not be obvious is the things we call primitives or prims, for short, are mesh too.

These are things like the classic avatar, cubes, cones, spheres, etc.

It became much easier to make clothes that actually fit.

But, it was still a headache, just a smaller headache.

A is a prim that does NOT have its set of vertices/polygons built into the viewer.

The list of polygons making up the ‘mesh’ item is downloaded from the asset servers as needed.

We can build those vertex/polygon lists using 3D modeling programs like Blender.

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