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And I’m missing baseball practice because of it.” He says it like he’s a heart surgeon being detained from a lifesaving operation. Avery, who looks like he should have retired a decade ago, is a holdout. Avery crosses to Addy’s desk and taps the corner of a lined yellow notepad. “But how do we know when we’ve reached five hundred words? I glance at Nate, who’s bent over his notepad writing computers suck over and over in block letters. My father insisted I learn to write right-handed in second grade after he first saw me pitch. That was when he started calling me Cooperstown, like the baseball hall of fame. He leans out into the hallway like he’s about to leave, but then he turns and raises his cup like he’s toasting us. I’m still not sure how he pulled that off, unless he traded keeping secrets for votes. You’re all walking teen-movie stereotypes.” “What about you? She’s been hovering near the window, but now goes to her desk and perches on top of it. My buddy Luis and his girlfriend broke up because of something Simon wrote. Even when he falls to the floor, I still think he’s messing around. A New York Times Bestseller An Best YA Book of the Year Selection A Buzzfeed Best YA Book of the Year Selection A New York Public Library's Best Book for Teens Selection A Popcrush Best Young Adult Book of the Year Selection A CBC Teen Choice Book Award Nominee A Best Young Adult Book of May 2017A Goodreads Best Young Adult Book of the Year Nominee A YALSA Best Fiction Book Nominee A YALSA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers “Pretty Little Liars meets The Breakfast Club...make room for One of Us Is Lying in your bags, because this is one carry-on you won’t want to put down." —EW.com“You’ll tear through this juicy, super-fun (if murder can ever be fun?

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The thing about Kris and EXO and the rumors spreading around about SM is completely unnecessary.

They should’ve just left it alone for Kris and the company to solve instead causing a bad image to both SM and Kris.

This must-have B&N exclusive collector’s edition includes a never-before-seen bonus chapter. Bronwyn, the brain, is Yale-bound and never breaks a rule.

“Pretty Little Liars meets The Breakfast Club” (EW.com) in this “flat-out addictive” (RT Book Reviews) story of what happens when five strangers walk into detention and only four walk out alive. On Monday afternoon, five students at Bayview High walk into detention.

If that’s your dream, then I won’t stop you and nobody else will (maybe your future bf or gf though, heh). Other Boring Stuff: So, the other day I was looking at random kpop memes on Google and I found an amazing picture.

And of course, it goes to other kpop groups too so I’ll give some examples to those who hate math lmao cx B. P: 6 Members = 42 People 7 people each for Yongguk, Himchan, Youngjae, Daehyun, Jongup, and Zelo GOT7: 7 Members = 49 People 7 people each for Mark, JB, Jackson, Jr., Youngjae, Bam Bam, and Yugyeom So you can go ahead and scout the world for people that look like your biases.I believe no fangirl/fanboy has had a chance to be with their biases.It’s harsh when people say this but it’s true; you aren’t gonna marry your bias.Seems like the sort of thing that, oh, I don’t know, a guy who’s here all the time might do for fun.” I look at Nate, but can’t picture it. Teachers know About That exists, but there’s not much they can do to stop it. I want each of you to write a five-hundred-word essay on how technology is ruining American high schools. “And hand that over, Miss Rojas.” “Doesn’t the fact that you’re confiscating my phone twice give you pause? That’s a pretty sweeping statement to make over a few contraband phones. It’s pathetic, I guess, but I can’t remember the last time I wrote anything longhand. “Dude,” he says, kicking his sneaker against the leg of Nate’s desk. Did you put those phones in our backpacks to mess with us? We stay at the window, watching the scene below, but before Mr. Addy rolls her eyes and stays put while Simon leans against Mr. Big gap between now and senior prom.” Addy looks at me without answering. ­Simon’s train of thought almost never goes anywhere good when it comes to our friends. “There’s no such thing in teen movies.” “Ah, but Bronwyn.” Simon winks and chugs his water in one long gulp.Rigging detention sounds like work, and everything about Nate—from his messy dark hair to his ratty leather jacket—screams Can’t be bothered. He meets my eyes but doesn’t say a word, just tips his chair back even farther. Cooper sits up straighter, a frown crossing his Captain America face. I thought this was just a mix-up, but if the same thing happened to all of us, it’s somebody’s stupid idea of a prank. Simon only uses initials to identify people and never talks openly about school. Anyone who can’t follow the rules gets another detention tomorrow.” “What do we write with? “There aren’t any computers here.” Most classrooms have Chromebooks, but Mr. It’s a lost art.” Addy’s pretty, heart-shaped face is a mask of confusion. Maybe it’s a trap and he’s looking for us to contradict him instead of agree. Plus I’m using my right hand, which never feels natural no matter how many years I’ve done it. Which is anything but pitching as far as he’s concerned. Avery or another teacher appears outside, both cars start their engines and drive out of the parking lot. He heads back to his desk and picks up his cup, but instead of sitting he wanders to the front of the room and scans the periodic table of elements poster. He acts like he’s above caring whether he’s popular, but he was pretty smug when he wound up on the junior prom court last spring. All of a sudden, she’s kind of working this sexy-nerd thing. “There is such a thing in life.” He says it like a threat, and I wonder if he’s got something on Bronwyn for that stupid app of his. Almost all my friends have been on it at one point or another, and sometimes it causes real problems. And if I’m being honest, I’m pretty freaked at what Simon could write about me if he put his mind to it. “This tastes like crap.” He drops the cup, and I roll my eyes at his attempt at drama.Spreading rumors is not gonna make anything better.

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