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The guitar had a Maple neck, 24-fret Rosewood fingerboard, two B. All the ones I've seen were Black with red binding, stringthru with single humbucker and a Widow headstock. Roumered to be only 65 made (I really don't know if it's true), which is possible as sounds like the kind of size a small run import batch of guitars would be ordered in. The Elvira and Halloween guitars were made in Korea and not China where the "Body Art" Series of 2003 was manufactured. These guitars were all Basswood with a maple neck and Rosewood fingerboard. ================================================== ===================== Acrylic Series (1999?? -2006) ================================================== ===================== RICH INTERNATIONAL series Reasearch needed ================================================== ============== L. The first Special Edition model is the SE PRO Pearl Warlock, featuring a pearl white finish, black body binding and black hardware. With a faux-metal look, it is the first time that a pickguard has been offered on a contemporary B. ================================================== ============== HALLOWEEN (2000) Made in Korea in the year 2000, have a "H-2000 XXX" serial, meaning Halloween 2000 and then a consecutive number. In 2003 they released a series of twelve guitars - one for each callendar month in a hope to get people to purchase them as a collection.

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They were their property to sell or give away as they as they wanted. BODY ART (2004) In 2004 they released a further three more (Umethar, 40 Lashes & The Fly) BODY ART (2005) In 2005 they released "The Bitch's Back - 25th Anniversary Bich" Headzup (year ???

The 10 special guitars were sent to Harris Publications in late 2003-2004.

I'm pretty sure that he had it painted blue-green pearl without telling anyone and customized it. Then, there was the 20' container of Ricos that was not full.

Included were solid colors with an especially ugly green color, and natural stuff.

Series (Nagoya, Japan) logo was put in place to differentiate the lines. Special strings are needed and all tuning is performed on the locking system fine tuners.

I believe they were going to use them at comic book conventions to promote the Vampirella character. Now if these guitars you are seeing have all of these oddities mentioned above and there are plenty of them, then obviously they are fakes. ): Example of a Body Art Serial ================================================== ===================== Speedloader series (2003-2005) Speed loader a Floyd Rose design that makes tuning pegs un-neccisary. In some very rare cases, there were also some Handmade NJ series guitars, hollow body semi acoustics with solid spruce tops. ================================================== ===================== BRONZE series (XXXX-2004) See section titled "IMPORT SERIAL DATING INFO 1990 " on how to ID these serials. See section titled "IMPORT SERIAL DATING INFO 1990 " on how to ID these serials. ("PRO" designates the added tremolo system.) The second new model, the SE Onyx Warlock, features a Body-Contoured pickguard that covers the full face of the guitar, mirroring its shape. The Onyx Warlock features a Maple neck, 24-fret Rosewood fingerboard, two B. Rich Humbucking pickups and a standard adjustable bridge. Dating these guitars is quite simple as the date is on the back of the headstock! ================================================== ===================== U. We've had a couple of them shipped to us for refurb and they have been almost UN-refurbable. See section titled "IMPORT SERIAL DATING INFO 1990 " on how to ID these serials. ================================================== ===================== "I" Serial number guitars I know very little about these but so far have seen specs including plywood bodies, Mahogany bodies, Nato bodies. ================================================== ===================== SPECIAL EDITION Jan 15th 2004 BCR released the "SE" special edition guitars. series guitars were a high quality guitars and featured the ? The serial number is usually a sticker on the back of the headstock. Thanks for your efforts to track down the truth about these guitars. As you may or may not know, Vampirella is the property of Harris Publications. By 1983 the NJ serials were in full production making electrics, acoustics, hollow body semi acoustics and electric/acoustics. ================================================== ============== BODY ART ELVIRA (2001) The Elvira guitars have a ? Elvira: BODY ART (2003) The 2003 Body Art guitars were made in both China and Korea, majority were made in China though. January - Firebreather February - Maggot Man March - Deceiver April - Skull Pile May - Spiro Light June - Flesh Ring July - Doc Murdock August - Brass City September - Vampirella October - Space Face November - Torchy December - Boris Harris Comics Special Edition (2003-2004) ALL my info about the Harris Comics Special Edition comes from this page: is a quote from that page, which is a copy of an email from Rock Clouser (BC Rich Employee at the time): Unfortunately there are more and more fakes out there. J.: R2xxx to R8xxx, R83xxxx to R92xxxx ================================================== ===================== B.

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