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On that same note their are some really good clones out their and if you can afford one I think new is always better then used.

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I would go with the lower numbers if the horns are in good shape.

I know some don't buy into the whole "true Bach" thing, but the horns that come after 646013 that I have played have all been good.

They are cheaper then a new Bach and have some added value in their design. Getzen has the Proteus which is a superb playing trumpet.

I would say it is a tad more diffused and a little darker sounding then a Bach 37 but it is based off a Bach 37 bell. Get black-out drunk off of pineapple schnapps and go on a rampage.

Intonation - look closely at the low D and Db, as well as 4th space D, Eb, and E.

I saw a post one time where someone said to play scales in the key of B because that key was notorious for being out of tune.Or get someone who is a bit more skilled, and both of you play them, then decide. Since demand is like wise high for that model you know it will be easy to flip the ones you do not want to keep.And remember that 90% of what's coming out of the bell has more to do with you than the horn. I would add that compression test and standard leak test is a must. I would no more pick a horn by it's serial number then I would pick a woman just with number's! Most will play average and if you sample enough of them you always find one that is extraordinary in how it plays.Does the mouthpiece fit securely in the receiver or does it feel like it's "hitting bottom"? How does the blow differ between the horns as you approach high C? You won't be able to check much about the valve alignment without some neat tools, but you can look in the second valve slide ports and see how that valve lines up with the ports when the valve is down.My one complaint about Bach 37's has always been that they feel tight to me in the high register. And if you can play above high C, be aware of the intonation. With good light, you might be able to see into the 1st valve slide too. -John If only there was a mystical way to determine if on that day and that hour those workers did a good job of assembly and detail work... and if when it was assembled the horn blew well and freely and in tune and resonated well.Get the one in the best shape with regard to valve wear and such.

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