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#2 Advancements: the fax and answering machine The facsimile machine or ‘fax’ become a feasible device in the 1970s, while a commercially viable answering machine came along around the same decade.

These two devices certainly had their applications in the world of dating, particularly with certain groups of people.

This can be quite useful if you are a frequent business or personal traveler.

The second advantage is that the these sites allow you to remain anonymous.

Alexander Graham Bell’s invention way back in the later 1800s allowed instant voice communication between lovebirds separated by great distances, which at the time must have seemed like a seismic shift in how couples communicated.

However, as the telephone is a device for instant communication, it does nothing to reduce those jitters associated with communicating with a new love interest.

This makes perfect sense, as finding a partner is one of the main reasons we communicate in the first place.

Also, newer communications technologies have taken some of the stress out of finding a date by making the communication a little less personal.

You can sit in your home in comfort, privacy, and safety and use the singles sites to generate potential matches.

You can log on the online dating site from anywhere in the world.

Cell phones, of course, put the ‘mobile’ into mobile dates, and with capabilities such as ‘short message service’ or SMS, allowed new ways of communicating as well.

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