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I bought this wine on a whim - most probably because it was on sale in some random wine shop.

This is a vineyard that I had never heard of, and certainly couldn't find all that much about it on the web either as I find it the way with many French wines.

Very much Merlot in it's softness and roundness with some firm tannins but not enough here for mine. A nice red, though not quite what you would expect from a grand cru.

Overall, there were an estimated 1.3 million adolescent deaths in 2012, most of them from causes that could have been prevented or treated.

Mortality is higher in boys than in girls and in older adolescents (15 to 19 years) than in the younger group (10 to 14 years).

There is also significant overlap for young transgender women with other key population categories, including drug use and sex work [11, 12].

For example, a study in Larkana, Pakistan, among transgender sex workers found an astonishing 27.6% HIV prevalence [13].

Whereas there are many causes of mortality common to boys and girls, violence is a particular problem in boys and maternal causes in girls [2].

In contrast to reductions in other population groups, estimates suggest that numbers of HIV deaths are rising in the adolescent age group.

Among young MSM, HIV incidence has been shown to be very high across multiple countries, and global reports estimate an HIV prevalence of 4.2% for young gay men under the age of 25 [4, 7].

In the United States, MSM account for most (72%) new HIV infections among youth aged 13 to 24, making them the only group that has shown a significant increase in estimated new infections.

Using an interwoven prevention and treatment cascade approach, the starting point for all interventions must be HIV counselling and testing.

Subsequent interventions for both HIV-negative and HIV-positive youth must be “adolescent-centred,” occur within the socio-ecological context of young people and take advantage of the innovations and technologies that youth have easily incorporated into their daily lives.

What I do know is that this chateau has a rather small with a vineyard of around 7 hectares in size.

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