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The changes were purely symbolic — all of the state constitutional language had already been struck down by state and federal courts — but civil rights and business leaders saw it as a way to heal old wounds and make the state more attractive to big business.The opposite happened instead, and Moore’s fierce opposition likely made the difference.“He had a huge impact.

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The battle over the amendment came just a year after the Christian Coalition had helped defeat a Riley-backed push to increase state taxes to invest more on education and infrastructure.

The ongoing tax fights had made many conservatives wary of any constitutional changes, with a faction that simply opposed any tweaks.“You do have a more conservative wing of the Republican Party that’s always suspicious of any constitution changes as a backdoor attempt to raise taxes,” Roth said. Moore told the Associated Press that the amendment was “another attempt to open the door for a court-ordered tax increase without the consent of the people” after they’d defeated the earlier amendment, while Parker ran radio ads saying that it would create “a new right to education for citizens of all ages” and warning “liberals will use this to pressure judges into raising your taxes.”Parker won by a narrow margin even though he was heavily outspent in the race.

Every subsequent attempt to remove the language since that initial failure has failed, most recently in 2012.

Moore’s stance against the amendment was one of many of his efforts over two decades that has built him a fiercely loyal following on the religious right.

That base wasn’t enough when he ran against Riley in 2006, but it powered his primary victory over Sen. Attorney Doug Jones, who is best known for successfully prosecuting, decades later, Ku Klux Klan member responsible for the 1963 Birmingham church bombing that killed four young black girls.

Luther Strange (R-AL) last month and has him favored to win the Dec. It’s also one in a long line of racially charged episodes in Moore’s career. Alabama’s state constitution still contains the following language:“Separate schools shall be provided for white and colored children, and no child of either race shall be permitted to attend a school of the other race.”A ‘Black Eye’ For Alabama The battle over removing segregationist language is part of a much larger effort that has pitted reformers, civil rights groups and many in the business community against Old South traditionalists and some other conservatives in the state for much of the last two decades.

Lee and Stonewall Jackson, though he’s claimed that’s because they’re fellow West Point graduates.

He hasn’t shied away from racial controversy during his current Senate run either.

”Many voters’ opposition to more school funding was and is ideological and financial, not purely racially driven.

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