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"Real Time" host Bill Maher has been an outspoken opponent of ISIS, American involvement in the Middle East, and -- perhaps most controversially -- Syrian refugees. The totals on the Wikipedia page add in reserve forces who are not active military but are available for mobilization if necessary.All this (and more) he laid out in a characteristically biting essay for The Hollywood Reporter. If they're included as part of a country's army, the total for those 13 countries Maher wants to include rises to 4.95 million, as Maher said.

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Maher argued that democracy cannot work in the Middle East until a “sexual revolution” accompanies the current political revolutions.

Maher received some pushback from one of his panel members, who argued that women are also not always treated fairly in America.

She sang the hit song “Brand New B***h” and wrote Canadian singer Kreesha Turner’s hit song, “Don’t Call Me Baby,” among others.

For Anjulie Persaud’s photos, you can find them anywhere online or on her Instagram.

Larry King came to Maher’s defense and so did some of Maher’s fans —although, the NAACP weren’t happy with Maher.

Chance the Rapper asked that the episode not be aired but, as we already know, HBO plans on doing just the opposite.One of the leading experts on culture, politics and religion in the Muslim world is University of Michigan Richard P.Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History, Juan Cole. Cole led off an article Sunday at his blog, , with a scathing takedown of late night entertainer Bill Maher’s latest anti-Muslim tirade.You’ve got to check out some of her Instagram clips because not only is she beautiful, she is incredibly talented!New theme song for Real Time with Bill Maher produced by Anjulie Music Productions airs tonite at 7pm on HBO.Tune in to check it out #Start The Clock #Real Time #Bill Maher #HBO #New Music #Themesong @realtimers A post shared by Anjulie (@anjuliemusic) on Maher and Anjulie have been spotted in public together, most notably on the beach in Hawaii, back in 2015.

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