Blackberry it policy not updating

Take the plastic opener and put it under the battery cover somewhere near the middle of the device bezel.

Now'are removing the part called Bottom panel with media speaker and antenna for Black Berry DTEK50: it fastens with five screws of type ⊕, unscrew them.

We'll need only needle for disassembly ;)Removing the back cover.

Before you start, use dryer to heat smartphone (do not overdo it) — so the glue adhesion would alleviate.

You similarly applies to your information by choosing Black Berry.

DTEK — experience of security technologies and privacy, which is why the smartphone has received DTEK50 name.

They said they provided protection from hacking and snooping for people who had genuine concerns about their privacy.

Last year Amnesty International found Black Berry was among the worst performing in a list of the most popular messaging apps.

"[Amnesty International’s] new ‘Message Privacy Ranking’ assesses the 11 companies with the most popular messaging apps on the way they use encryption to protect users’ privacy and freedom of expression across their messaging apps," a press release explaining the report stated.

The Chinese firm Tencent finished at the bottom, scoring zero out of 100, as the company taking least action on messaging privacy, and being the least transparent, the release explained.

No company provided watertight protection, but Facebook, whose apps Facebook Messenger and Whats App together have 2 billion users, had the highest score with 73 out of 100, according to the release.

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