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and Why do we celebrate Easter on two different days? Extended families could cause a lot of problems, and the couple had to stand firm as a couple.Arguing in front of the children was disastrous; one child said: When I grow up Im not going to church. But most couples agreed that it was possible to negotiate their religious differences successfully, and raise religiously and spiritually committed children.We tell them that they are Greek Orthodox, but we also frequently just tell them that they are Christians.

Where church teaching and practice is concerned, the Greek Orthodox partners need to make big efforts to understand their own faith better so that they can explain it more adequately to their partners.

They must also make a big effort to understand the cultural and religious background of their non-Greek Orthodox partners. Couples must find a way of acknowledging and addressing the hurt feelings that may be caused by the Greek Orthodox Church not allowing the other partner to receive communion when the family attend the Divine Liturgy together.

Disagreements caused much tension in some families.

The general feeling seemed to be that children must be brought up in one church (usually the Greek Orthodox) or their religious and spiritual development would be hindered.

The difficulties of non-Orthodox partners in adapting to their partners Greek Orthodox background are not underestimated.

The Greekness is often as much a difficulty as the Orthodoxy.

Another spouse said: When I started going to the Greek Church, I got rather resentful and frustrated because it just wasnt the same and I felt deprived of something very important.

This really affected us and I wondered what the consequences would be until I found a way to meet my own spiritual needs.

Then comes an explanation of the pastoral directives of the Orthodox Church.

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