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Of the 376 couples studied, Joanides found that most participants were positive about inter-Christian marriage, although they would be more negative about inter-religious marriage. Some were practising two different faith traditions, while others were essentially practising one, generally Greek Orthodox.

There was widespread respect for the partners need to retain membership in his or her cultural and faith tradition.

At every stage prayer and Christian understanding are presented as key.

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Another spouse said: When I started going to the Greek Church, I got rather resentful and frustrated because it just wasnt the same and I felt deprived of something very important.

This really affected us and I wondered what the consequences would be until I found a way to meet my own spiritual needs.

We have agreed to tell our children that we are both Christians, but that they are also Orthodox Christians.

Baptism was a huge problem for some couples, and so was the feeling of one parent that he or she was the odd person out in the family as the children grew up.

Difficulties over the religious identity of children abounded, especially when couples had not discussed this before marriage.

A non-Orthodox father said it became easier to co-exist if we emphasise both the Greek Orthodox and Christian dimension of their religious identity.and Why do we celebrate Easter on two different days? Extended families could cause a lot of problems, and the couple had to stand firm as a couple.Arguing in front of the children was disastrous; one child said: When I grow up Im not going to church. But most couples agreed that it was possible to negotiate their religious differences successfully, and raise religiously and spiritually committed children.When You Intermarry is the fruit of work done by the Revd Charles Joanides for the Interfaith Research Project (IRP) of the GOA.Fr Joanides used focus groups and a web-site for his research, in which 376 intermarried couples (one spouse being Greek Orthodox) took part.Parents need to be united and sure in their joint approach if they are to face the challenges presented by adolescent children, and if these latter are to develop personal faith and relate to a faith community.

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