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The elements of passion, romance, and sexual desire are still essential to any long-term relationship.My long-term study of couples finds that you can rekindle the passion and sexual desire by adding three behaviors back into the relationship: newness, mystery, and arousal—the same behaviors that created the passion in the first place.And yes, all of what you're thinking regarding role playing and lingerie counts.

Plus, at the early stages of your relationship, you idealized your partner and saw him or her through “rose-colored glasses.” But, as time went by, you took the rose-colored glasses off and began to notice their imperfections—and trust me, As a therapist and relationship researcher, I can tell you that you are not alone in asking, “What happened to the days when we couldn’t wait to rip our clothes off?

” Once novelty and mystery wear off and the everyday activities of living together settle in, the excitement and sexual desire are bound to fade.

Or watch a really scary movie—the kind that makes your heart race—or scream your head off on a roller coaster ride at an amusement park.

After you reset your expectations about passion, try adding these behaviors to your relationship.

The third strategy is to seek arousal-producing activities.

Studies show that if you do an activity together that creates an endorphin and adrenaline rush, this state of heightened arousal can actually get transferred to your partner and relationship.Or you could try water skiing for the first time or attending a cooking class together.The second way to reignite the passion is to add some mystery or surprise back into your relationship.You want to handle your disagreements and stress in a positive, constructive way.If all three of the previous qualities are present in your relationship, then it's at least worth trying to see if you can save it.I hardly ever want to hang out with him and don't feel sexually attracted to him anymore. Am I just comfortable in the relationship and afraid to leave?

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