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Homeopathic cancer treatment has great promise, given the exceptional safety of the treatment and the relatively frequent observation of beneficial clinical effects.However, in our last review we had noted a remarkable confusion among researchers on key concepts in homeopathy and we attributed this to editorial control.

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He went on to describe homeopathic “potencies” as dilutions above the Avogadro limit.

(We discussed in detail the distinction between potentization and ordinary dilution in our review).

We also commented on the fact that virtually all studies of homeopathic cancer treatment are in reality investigating the effects of high potency drugs, not the efficacy of homeopathic treatment.

This should be kept in mind when reading the present review.

In our last review we already commented on Ernst’s and other researchers’ peculiar attitude, downplaying homeopathic research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals that support the position cited above.

Ernst began his article with defamatory remarks on homeopathy and homeopathic practitioners.

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Doutzen and Sunnery welcomed baby daughter Myllena Mae into the world back in July.

In the United States, more than 30 states have enacted laws that severely restrict the use of unproven therapies in cancer.

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