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The mass connection attempts immediately made me think exploit scanner, and the fact it was scanning on the SMB port caused me to look back to the recent Shadow Broker leak of NSA exploits containing…SMB exploit.

Obvious I had no evidence yet that it was definitely scanning SMB hosts or using the leaked NSA exploit, so I tweeted out my finding and went to tend to the now propagated domain. L — Malware Tech (@Malware Tech Blog) May 12, 2017 Now one thing that’s important to note is the actual registration of the domain was not on a whim.

Sample I found scans SMB after dropping Wanna Crypt. My job is to look for ways we can track and potentially stop botnets (and other kinds of malware), so I’m always on the lookout to pick up unregistered malware control server (C2) domains.

In fact I registered several thousand of such domains in the past year. In the case of Wanna Crypt, step 1, 2 and 3 were all one and the same, I just didn’t know it yet.

As curious as this was, I was pressed for time and wasn’t able to investigate, because now the sinkhole servers were coming dangerously close to their maximum load.

I set about making sure our sinkhole server were stable and getting the expected data from the domain we had registered (at this point we still didn’t know much about what the domain I registered was for, just that anyone infected with this malware would connect to the domain we now own, allowing us to track the spread of the infection).So if the first few girls that pop up in your search don't catch your eye, you won't have to settle.When you're scrolling through your search results you'll be sure to catch an eyeful as most of our models have their tits on display in their profile photos.Luckily you'll never have to sit through a boring show ever again as if you select a model who has a five star rating, you'll be guaranteed to log off feeling satisfied.Better yet, you can even filter your search results by popularity.If you'd prefer to sit back, relax and be entertained, hop straight into a party chat.

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