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Having your home burgled is one of the most upsetting experiences someone can go through.

It can leave you with a feeling of vulnerability in a place where you should feel completely secure.

This way, you’ll avoid being locked in or out of your home thanks to a broken lock!

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These FAQs are designed to offer a quick solution to your security queries and conundrums, whether they concern home alarms, fire-certified safes, or simple locking cylinders.

We’ve also thrown in a few general security tips – just for good measure!

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Just think – are you confident that the previous owner or tenant handed all their copies back, or didn’t leave that spare with a neighbour?

They may have forgotten to retrieve a spare key from tradesmen, or if they’d ever left a key under the doormat or in a plant pot, it’s possible that someone could have made a copy and returned it to the hiding place, where no one will ever know it went missing… Return To Top What security measures should I take when I’m going away on holiday?Return To Top What security measures should I take in a new home?It is important to assess your new home’s security when you first move in, and to change the locks as soon as possible.By cancelling any deliveries, and getting a friend to check-in regularly and pick up any post, you can mitigate any such risk.Plus, by investing in a home alarm, or upgrading your door’s security measures, you are reducing the risk of your home being burgled. Return To Top What security measures should I take if I’ve been burgled?Many insurance companies do indeed insist on a British Standard mortice to secure your property.

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