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One horse is always pulling away from the chariot to run away from what is before us and the other is always trying to grab a hold of everything it sees and drag it with us. In addition, we are ignorant of the world as it really is and also unable to clearly see how to navigate the Middle Path.

The woman’s horse of aversion was running from the world, not wanting to deal with the child’s death (out of fear).

In return a wife should expect her husband to be tender, courteous, a partner in the house, loyal, faithful, honest, and supportive.

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In psychology, we know that one of the feelings that many people have when they are distressed is a feeling that they are the only people in the world suffering.

When we expose them to others who have suffered they remove that isolation and see that we all have our illnesses, grieving, and unhappinesses.

Knowing that all relationships that start will end—whether by natural illness and death or unwholesome development of the relationship—we can see clearly how important it is to cherish the experiences we are fortunate to share with others for the time we have. We all have things that are attractive and unattractive to our mates.

Unwholesome love encompasses more than codependence. In a Buddhist context, when the romance wears off, we stop seeing only that which is attractive and start seeing the revelation of our full partner: bit by bit.

It is here, and in boredom of the mundane, that disillusion sets in and we look for the next external pleasure to excite us.

For a monk, marriage means that there is an attachment to the physical world.

History deems Buddha as one of the wisest men in history.

From mindfulness to peace and tranquility many people seek out the advice of the man who seems to have had it all together.

Perhaps more modern Buddhists, or even ancient Mahayana Buddhists, allowed poeple to fall madly in love. She was able to see the wisdom of the Buddha, that all things that live must die and that we must all accept death as a part of life.

Not feeling so isolated in this knowledge, she was able to understand this wisdom and did not hold so tightly to the clinging of her child’s life.

The Buddha did not condemn marriage for lay people, but lay people make a volitional choice to study Buddhism with these extra burdens.

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