Building and updating map caches with arcgis server 10

The term “Process” refers to the package of program executables contained within each deployed SOC (each deployed SOC contains one copy of the Arc GIS program executables).

Some server processes are multi-threaded (low isolation), and allow multiple service requests to be processed at the same time using a single copy of process executables.

from WV GIS Technical Center's Arc GIS Server server and services, it is applicable to all the ESRI based servers and services.

If you know the steps and still have problem viewing the service in Arc Map, you can jump the section of "Steps to make the images from a web map service viewable in Arc Map", which is located at the end of this instruction. Browse to the GIS Servers section in the catalog tree, which is to the left of the Arc Catalog window by default.

It is because Arc GIS Desktop caches the old version of the same service into the client's local machine for better performance.

The downside is that the updates from the remote server can't be taken imediately.

This chapter provides you with the guidelines and best practices you need to achieve optimum performance from your Arc GIS Server system deployment.

After this chapter, you will be ready to explore how network communications, platform architecture, and server platform selection complete the system design components required for implementation success.

The Arc GIS Server Manager is used to enable the read-only site mode configuration. Arc GIS Server Site Administrator can enable the read-only mode on the Arc GIS Server Manager site settings tab.

Beginning at 10.4, Arc GIS Server provides a read-only mode that allows you to control changes to the site.

Arc GIS Enterprise provides a variety of Arc GIS Server capabilities, supported by a fully integrated services architecture including portal content management, Arc GIS Server processing capabilities, and a variety of optimized data source configurations.

This chapter will focus on the Arc GIS Server component configuration strategies for optimum system performance and throughput capacity.

The standard Arc GIS Server site supports multiple machines deployed within a single site configuration, with each machine supporting a common set of published service configurations.

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