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It's gotten around I have a pretty big cock so I do not lack for female company and my mom is cool and lets me bring home girls as long as I am not blatant about it. Since I have fantasies about my mom all the time, jerking off to mature women is pretty natural to me.

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I have spied on her in the shower and the bath many times.

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I nearly fell outta my chair when the second picture I clicked on showed her smiling and alluring look - it was my fucking mother! She made a fairly decent living but nothing to brag about. I never raised you like this." "No, I am not cruel mom. The remainder of the day we spent in bed of course.

We certainly were not poor, but I drove an old second hand car she bought me until last year when she bough me a brand new car. We talked some but mostly it was sex - very hot sex - oral, fondling and every other variation nearly. Mom proposed what if we did incest sex on the Internet?

She said she'd worked hard and wanted me to have it and I gladly accepted it and thought little more of it. I could hear her voice very faintly over the sound of her TV on in the background but could not hear what she was saying. I grew curious as to how that would work and mom told me of a sight that was genuine incest and not the fantasy crap coming from Eastern Europe.

Oddly though our finances did seem to improve about that time too and now it all made sense. I paced my room, my fat cock busting at the material of my gym shorts. Then she got quiet and I silently hurried back to my room and closed my door. I was so upset by now I started bawling like a baby. She told me it paid exceptionally well - about 00 per day, per person. Ellen was dropping clothes so fast I thought she'd tear them off. "Ever watched two women make love Josh," Ellen asked.

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