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I ran to my monitor and she'd returned to the public screen. I was scared, horny, wanting her and wanting to run all at the same time. I decided it was as bad as it would get so fuck it. I was dumbstruck at her suggestion, but pleased and excited. I watched in delight as mom's younger by two years sister stripped and grinned at me. "No," I replied, "but something tells me I am about to." Ellen grinned, looked at my hardening cock and said "Christ Almighty Josh! " she said letting her fingernails slide down the shaft. Then mom leaned in and the three of us tongued each others faces, necks and shoulders.

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I nearly fell outta my chair when the second picture I clicked on showed her smiling and alluring look - it was my fucking mother! She made a fairly decent living but nothing to brag about. I never raised you like this." "No, I am not cruel mom. The remainder of the day we spent in bed of course.

We certainly were not poor, but I drove an old second hand car she bought me until last year when she bough me a brand new car. We talked some but mostly it was sex - very hot sex - oral, fondling and every other variation nearly. Mom proposed what if we did incest sex on the Internet?

My mom is matronly - about 5'3" probably 160 lbs or so and she is way curvy - big hanging tits, a waist, fat ass, nice thighs and pretty feet. "I dated some a few years ago when you were younger, but in the last four or five years I have been working and just not too concerned about it.

I do not have a foot fetish but mom's feet are petite and hot to me. Whenever her old man goes away she is all over me." I added. But I too have a confession," she almost whimpered to me. I was okay with you bringing girls here because I could sometimes spy on you and her.

I clicked on her picture to chat and eyeball her but it said she was in a private show at present. I stood there, letting my cock go and I just stared at her. Mom was much prettier than this woman was, but I was determined to win, how I did not really l know, but at 17 impulse is often one's guiding hand, and so it was with me. She pulled me toward the bed and I was in her pussy before she was fully reclined. I leaned down onto her and slowly pushed all the way into her. It was more incredible than I could have ever imagined.

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