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Radar previously reported, an unnamed pilot was heard over the radio — unaware it was on — complaining that his co-workers were 'a continuous stream of gays and grannies and grandes' he doesn't care to socialize with in between stops.An hour before the airline posted a link to the statement on its Twitter page, Hailey was retweeting a comment calling attention to a page on the Southwest website where the airline had highlighted its 'outreach and commitment to the GLBT community'. Tour information, song downloads and videos can be found at

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Although we have reports of what Customers characterize as an excessive public display of affection, ultimately their aggressive reaction led to their removal from the aircraft.

"We do not tolerate discrimination against anyone for any reason.

And then sometimes I feel like we put on a great show, and the crowd. I did a lot of stuff by myself or as a hired gun, so it's definitely a different process and being up front, that's the second [way I've evolved]. My adrenaline has been so high before those shows, and now my adrenaline's dropping because it's a more consistent thing. All these people come out to see us, it's so important for me. Can you talk about how this location affected the mood, or tone of that album?

So it's really about those magical times when everything is perfectly aligned, and just works out wonderfully. Yeah, I read [about the nerves of being up front on-stage].

I've never sat around and thought, OK, I'm a woman, how can I approach this song? Camila Grey: I think creativity is kind of genderless. I just assume that what I'm doing is just as valid as a man doing it.(To Grey) But have you ever had any kind of struggle where you just come up against that wall? You're flipping burgers one day and you're a multi-millionaire the next. Someone follows you around with a camera, and the next day you're on some network and everyone knows you [when you] get a cup of coffee. And even if you're having a bad day, or whatever's happening in your life, you have to kind of grab for that thing that you're passionate about, and let it shine through regardless, and that's the most difficult part, forgetting about all that and being in the moment. I [read in another interview] that initially you were just two girls and an i Pod.

Because I know with your background in producing, you were working within the hip-hop realm (producing work with Dr. Hailey: I think it's the outside world that puts people in those fences. Hailey: There are lots of people we love and respect, but it's over saturated. Hailey: Well, it's harder to weed out the real talent. I think people can be honest about it, but for the most part, people think it's cool to be in a band, and they start playing. You've got these overnight sensations, and I think it's very false, and I think it doesn't last. Have you found support that's helped you through that? (Before the summer tour, Uh Huh Her played some early shows without any backing musicians.

'I didn't realize a small peck on the lips is regarded as excessive and never once did your stewardess mention other passengers,' said the tweet from Uh Huh Her Music.'No matter how quietly homophobia is whispered, it doesn't make it any less loud,' the statement said. We ask this airline to teach their employees to not discriminate against any couple, ever, regardless of their own beliefs.'Hailey, 40, tweeted that a flight attendant had told her that Southwest 'was a "family" airline and kissing was not ok', and that she and her companion were then 'escorted off the plane for getting upset about the issue'.'Our crew, responsible for the comfort of all customers on board, approached the passengers based solely on behaviour and not gender,' the airline said.

'The conversation escalated to a level that was better resolved on the ground, as opposed to in flight.'The incident comes a little over three weeks after another celebrity, Green Day rocker Billie Joe Armstrong, was complained he was booted from a Southwest flight in Oakland, California, because he was wearing his baggy pants too low.

So, I think it's sort of how people around women look at it, not the women themselves. You want to be part of it, and that's what you're fighting for, but you're separating [yourself]. And that's not just monetary success, but spiritually. Speaking of terrible shows and good shows and great shows, what's the difference do you think between a great show and good show? Hailey: So far one of our best shows was at the smallest club we played it was really hot, and really packed. I'd always done a lot of work alone and now she'll be like, that part sucks. Grey: Yeah, totally, like you're sharing it with someone else whose giving you input, and I've definitely evolved in that way. Grey: Every show is different, but the actual process of getting on-stage has become fluid. Hailey: We blast our i Pod backstage and you can start to feel the excitement from the club when it starts filling up. Grey: It was the moodiest bathroom I've ever been in. Grey: And we were doing it all by ourselves and I think it was so in the moment. I thought it would be kind of an underground, grassroots, word of mouth thing, slow build and it was totally the opposite. Even the live shows, you have this EP out, and now you have to tour. Grey: We threw a lot of it together, very last minute, because we were being pressured to be there. Like, oh yeah, we'll tour next year, we'll put a band together someday, and I think it's forced us to show up, and that's not always bad.

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