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On an episode of the aftershow, Leroy stated that he believed Johnny’s side of the story regarding Johnny and Averey’s breakup, mouthing on-stage that she was a liar.Nathan & Christina: The pair got into multiple fights on their season of Are You The One? Thomas & Simone: The pair had gotten into a verbal altercation during Battle of the Exes II, which featured Simone splashing a cup of water in Thomas’ face.

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After that night they continued to be on bad terms.

After Ashley faced disagreements with many housemates, said she would only stay if the other roommates wanted her there.

Their rivalry continued on Free Agents when Jessica voted for Johnny to go into the elimination round (which was cancelled due to Frank Sweeney’s departure).

Leroy & Averey: Leroy eliminated Averey on Battle of the Exes II.

BMP came up with incredible creative to take ‘The Challenge’ to new heights,” Diaz says.

But while it might seem like the super-sized payday begat the large cast, contestants were actually kept in the dark about just how much money was waiting for them at the finish line.

This time around, even more fresh faces from Bananas & Sarah: Bananas and Sarah entered Battle of the Exes II with a long-running friendship, and alliance that had lasted through many of their past seasons.

However, that season Sarah played the game to win and fought to remove her toughest competition from the game whenever the opportunity presented itself.

It’s like going to a college reunion.” Formerly called “The Real World/Road Rules Challenge,” the show see MTV’s reality stars battling each other in physical and mental events ranging from endurance contests to hand-to-hand combat to puzzle solving.

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