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If you are someone who wants a logical MC, or even a reasonable one capable of normal, critical thought (like a human), then this novel is not for you.

The more one reads, the more one becomes aware of it. Aside from this, if you don't mind the innate stupidity and irrationality, then this novel is barely worth reading if you have nothing else to read.

The poor guy in the middle is the bf of one of the girl's who lets her roomates tease him endlessly without ever letting him get off. like this is done all the time with different people and is open to anyone with or without a cam.

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This cultivator reveals him why his consciousness was in that room and also that the MC has a super rare type of body (Nine Yang Saint Body).

This body allows him to cultivate much faster and do some strange things which surprise the old cultivator.

He's then sent to a haunted part of the school by his teacher (to clean that classroom).

A lot happens in that classroom which leads him to live with the consciousness of an old cultivator (like a 1000 years old).

-- Overall The story itself has a nice rhythm, no rush, a bit addictive.

We discover the changes and influences that this new power does to the MC and his surroundings.

He has always worked hard since he was a child to make his grandpa proud of him and surely repay his kindness through all this.

So quite a sweet story about an MC that’s grateful towards his grandpa.

The MC’s personality changes along the way as he becomes aware of the great power in his possession (chapter 18, so early in the story). -- The side-characters are being introduced one at a time, but the author will surely write a part for each of them, describing with more than some superficial info.

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