Cbs rejects gay dating site

Allen went as far as describing the ads as an "event" that continued to attract media attention after the game. Go Daddy did the right thing by swiftly promoting adoption. Australia Cbs rejects gay dating commercial hogan And how do we win.

By Sunday, the ad had already received over 16 million views, and went on to be the most shared Super Bowl advertisement ever. Do you not enjoy your child because nettdating sider canister them.

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The ad featured an office worker attempting to fulfill a prediction that he would receive free Doritos by smashing open a vending machine with a crystal ball.

CBS has rejected an ad from gay dating site, telling the site that the ad is not within the.

Bartlett wrote the report rejecting the ad, and shortly after sending the report, Avid Life Media published a press release, including her name, phone number and the confidential report, all of which led to her being branded "a homophobe" online. Gay sex is reduced to a ploy for cheap laughs." Bartlett also considered the ad submission to be a marketing ploy; noting the fact that the two men in the ad were wearing Packers and Vikings jerseys, she wrote that the jerseys appeared to be a safeguard that would guarantee the ad would be rejected.

Bartlett wrote that the reason she rejected the ad's content was not because it contained two men kissing, but because it did so in a manner exploiting gay men: "The entire premise is how funny and weird it is that two guys would make out. "In order to show NFL jerseys, clients have to spend a lot of money to obtain licensing.

Jacobs of CBS declined to comment on the charge of discrimination.

Buchter provided a copy of the CBS rejection letter to CNNMoney, which states that the ad “is not within the Network’s broadcast standards for Super Bowl Sunday.” The letter also states that the CBS sales department “has had difficulty verifying [Man Crunch’s] credit status.” The Anchoress A Concord Pastor Comments Deacon Scott Dodge Cardinal Sean’s Blog Happy Catholic In All Things (America Magazine) Jesus Goes to Disney World Mc Namara’s Blog Whispers in the Loggia Articles of Faith (The Boston Globe) This blog is no longer being actively updated.

A boycott effort also emerged among Trump supporters.

Man Crunch is an online dating website specifically aimed at male homosexual.

“Should you wish to explore future buys on the CBS Television Network, the credit issue will have to be clarified.” A 30-second spot during this year’s Super Bowl costs an estimated .6 million.

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